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Unusual Bond Brings Electrical and Low Voltage Experts to P1 Group

P1 Group Electrical

P1 Group isn’t the only group that embodies “The Expertise of Many, The Power of One.” P1 recently welcomed a group of 16 electrical and low-voltage technicians who have worked together for decades, putting aside rank, varying expertise, and barriers to work together as one.

Sound unusual? It is.

Registered Communications Distribution Designer David Becerra worked alongside P1 Group for more than 20 years at Saint Luke’s Health Systems facilities. After stepping away from another organization, he decided P1 Group was a great fit for his next career move.

What happened next is pretty amazing.

David worked with a group of electrical experts over the course of many decades and knew how remarkable their bond was. He says he chose P1 for his next career move because the company embodies its tagline “The Expertise of Many, The Power of One.”

He also saw the connection between P1 Group’s philosophy and that of the colleagues he’d grown to trust and respect: a philosophy that has created a rare connection among this group.

“I knew P1 Group was the right fit, and that’s when I started calling the others to encourage them to come and learn more about P1,” David said.

Some of the group have worked together for decades, some members are newer, but Electrical Construction Senior Project Manager Mike Hutchison, who has been working with some of this team for more than 40 years, says what makes the group unusual is their refusal to let typical dividers be a factor.

P1 Group low voltage electrical

“In the electrical field, there can be walls between systems and power teams. These guys ignore those walls and work together as a team – all for one and one for all,” Mike said.

“We just click,” Building Technologies Foreman Jeff King noted. “We’ve all been ‘at war’ together in the working environment. We’ve been through ups and downs, figuring everything out together over the years, and that brotherhood just stuck.”

One thing everyone agrees on is that trust is the critical component.

“You know who is going to do what at any given time, and if they can’t, someone else will step in. We can depend on each other,” Jeff said.

“Our foremen do well together, no drama,” Building Technologies Technician Chase Mikessell said. “They are exceptional teachers and will spend the time to teach you something. And that’s true at P1 Group too. They want you to learn.”

David says he is particularly impressed with P1 Group’s leadership and their commitment to training.

“P1 Group’s efforts to provide continuing education is a fantastic way for employees to become engaged within their individual specialties and also learn to be informed more about the strengths of many others,” he said. “The training has been a valuable way to put each of us on the same page in such a short time.”

“We were a little nervous coming to P1,” Building Technologies Foreman Travis Stewart said. “But now that we’re here, we’re very impressed with everything. If you need it, they get it. We can get the right tools to do the job and that makes us more productive.”

Welcoming this group strengthens P1 Group’s already impressive electrical capabilities, built by the talent of our existing teams in construction and service.

“The addition of these associates increases our bench strength,” Executive Vice President/Electrical Marvin Loecker said. “Their connections and capabilities enhance our connections and capabilities in healthcare and beyond, eventually extending to our many other clients.”

Marvin says the culture fit was apparent right away.

“We saw an opportunity to increase our capabilities with people that match the culture we promote at P1: quality, safety, and integrity,” he said. “As a group and as individuals, they all fit perfectly with this culture.”

P1 Group welcomes our new electrical associates. After all, they could have gone anywhere. They chose P1 Group.

P1 Group electrical capabilities

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