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Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

P1 Group uses the industry’s most cutting edge technology, including BIM (Building Information Modeling), VDC (Virtual Design Construction) and 3D laser scanning to help clients meet their two most important goals: staying on time and on budget.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)
BIM incorporates models that are the virtual equivalents of the actual MEP equipment and materials installed in the field. They are made up of the geometry (3D object) and associated data, like the manufacturer specifications, size and location. Together they form “smart” objects – when the information changes, the model changes and vice versa.

VDC (Virtual Design and Construction)
Using BIM to plan and coordinate the work, VDC is the execution of the workflow which vastly improves day-to-day communication for an improved client experience. The VDC department uses in-house technology and expert professionals to get information to the field quickly. Coordinated models become accessible during installation where they can be viewed on iPads by field personnel.

3D Laser Scanning
3D laser scanning creates a scan of the building interior which is then combined with the BIM model. The VDC Fabrication Department uses the highly accurate model created by this technology to fabricate piping into an existing building without being on site.

The VDC department’s delivery of more comprehensive drawings, superior project planning and quicker delivery times translates into improved field safety, fewer man hours worked and enhanced project completion schedules for every client.

Quick Facts

  • Underground waste, vent, storm, conduit routing, and fabrication
  • Mechanical and electrical sleeving and penetrations
  • Equipment room layout
  • Overhead mechanical, electrical and plumbing coordination
  • Plumbing and piping fabrication spools
  • Detailed bill of materials for lean purchasing techniques
  • Use of Robotic MEP Total Station for system layout, hanger locations, sleeve placement and pad placement
VDC Building Deisgn
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Office Network

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Topeka, KS: (785) 235-5331
Wichita, KS: (316) 267-3256
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Las Vegas, NV: (702) 270-4432

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