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P1 Fabrication Partners with Aquatherm to Take On High-Volume Customers

P1 Fabrication Daikin

P1’s pipe fabrication often includes the production of polypropylene pipe, an alternative - in some applications - to traditional pipe material. Aquatherm is economical, faster to install, and corrosion free.

P1 has forged a strong relationship with Aquatherm, a supplier of polypropylene pipe.

“We’ve had conversations about P1’s capacity to fabricate large amounts of Aquatherm, and how we can partner to help Aquatherm grow their business nationwide,” P1 Project Manager Todd Mihalchik said.

A few years back, Todd led a visit to Aquatherm’s facility in Lindon, UT, to explore the possibilities.

Since then, magazines like PHC have reported on P1’s capability with Aquatherm fabrication, which has garnered national attention.

P1 Group Aquatherm from Todd Mihalchik

Because of this attention, Aquatherm made the connection between P1 and Daikin, a large customer and leading innovator and provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

“Daikin came and toured our shop and interviewed us, opening the door for P1 to do some fabrication for them” Pipe Fabrication Shop Manager Jeremy Price said.

Director of Business Development Steve Hinshaw explained where the need for a lot of Aquatherm fabrication is coming from.

“Daikin’s air-cooled chillers are designed with Aquatherm manifolds, internal to those chillers,” Steve said.

“Aquatherm’s core business is supplying polypropylene pipe and fittings. When Daikin approached them with a large fabrication request, Aquatherm thought P1 would be an ideal partner to fulfill their fabrication needs.”

Steve says P1 did a trial project for Daikin to see the quality we can produce first-hand, and that was successful.

“We weren’t the only fabricator being considered for the work,” Steve noted. “After an extensive review, audit, interview, and prequalification process, Daikin chose P1 based on our quality and capabilities.”

The result is a five-year contract with Daikin to fabricate spools for their chillers.

“After the tour of the P1 facility, and seeing their ability and plan to meet Daikin’s needs, it was apparent that P1 is a fabricator Daikin needs as a partner,” Mark Journell, Daikin Strategic Sourcing Manager, said.

And this type of work may not stop with Daikin.

“This relationship with Aquatherm is already opening other doors for us to fabricate for other Aquatherm customers with high-volume and quick-turn needs,” Jeremy said.

Aquatherm fabrication

P1 Project Team

Travis Hower, Aquatherm Foreman
Aaron Hower, Aquatherm Specialist
Colton Fagan, Aquatherm Specialist
Todd Mihalchik, Project Manager
Vicki Jesse, Project Coordinator
Steve Hinshaw, Director of Business Development
Matt Brush, Quality Control Manager
Mike Mihalchik, Senior Estimator

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