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PHC News Magazine Features P1 Group for Innovations in Aquatherm Pipe

P1 Group Aquatherm

P1 Group was recently featured in PHC [Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor] News magazine.

The article details P1’s rich history, business principles, Safety Culture, and P1 as a single-source provider of customer solutions, with a focus on P1’s recent and ongoing work with Berry Global. Some highlights are below, or read the full article at PHC [pages 172-176].

“Todd Mihalchik, a project manager and estimator for P1 Group, Inc., pauses for a moment. He had just been asked “What sets P1 Group apart in the commercial contracting market?

‘Wow,’ he says. ‘There are so many things. We’re honest. We believe in 100 percent accountability and zero excuses. We have a culture of safety first and quality always. We take good care of our people and good care of our customers.,,But I guess the best thing I can say…is that even though we’re a big company, we still feel like a family.”

“P1 President Kollin Knox cites the 1997 merger of A.D. Jacobson C. and Huxtable and Associates as a key moment in the history of P1.

‘Today we can provide both mechanical and electrical services for our customers, and there aren’t many contractors that have that capability. I think that’s one of the huge differentiators for us: we truly are a single-source solution. There’s not a lot we’re not capable of doing.’”

“Knox is particularly adamant about honesty, authenticity, and accountability.

‘That’s just the way we operate. It’s nonnegotiable. If you’re going to be a part of the P1 family, you know those are the expectations.’”

“Like every other contracting company, P1 Group has to deal with the shortage of skilled labor in the PHCP (plumbing, heating, cooling, piping) industry.

To that end, P1 has recently begun supporting local junior colleges, vocational schools, and welding institutes in the Kansas City area. P1 also has started working with high school counselors to reach out to juniors and seniors…who may never have considered a future in the PHPC trades.”

“As an example of P1 Group’s commitment to providing the best customer experience with the industry’s latest products and services, Knox, [Jeremy] Price, and Mihalchik all cite the company’s use of Aquatherm pipe.

‘Even though we have the best welders in the industry, we kept an open mind to Aquatherm,’ Knox said.

P1 Group has made a significant investment in the heat fusion equipment that is used to join Aquatherm pipe and fittings, and can now offer its fabrication capabilities to various contractors in the area. The equipment purchased by P1 includes three McElroy Spider 125 fusion machines, a McElroy Acrobat 160 fusion machine, an McElroy Acrobat 250 fusion machine, and a McElroy SmartFab table.”

“P1 Group has worked extensively at Berry Global’s 1.6 million-square-foot thermoforming and injection-molding campus in Lawrence, KS, for more than 30 years.

‘P1 Group always makes the extra effort to make sure we get a quality product,’ says Jacob Francis, facility supervisor at Berry Global.

As an example, Francis cites P1 Group’s recommendation of Aquatherm pipe when the Lawrence plant needed to upgrade the chilled water piping for its injection molding process.

To read the full article and see how P1 came up with the solution for Berry Global’s corroded steel pipes, CLICK HERE [Pages 172-176].

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