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The Future is Now: P1 Group VDC Takes Technology to the Next Level with Mixed Reality Trimble

P1 Group Trimble XR10

When planning construction installation, what if you could put plans into context, seeing the full design intent on your project, by overlaying the BIM model directly over the real environment, while you’re actually navigating the environment?

That’s the crux of mixed reality, the technology driving the latest acquisition of our Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) department: the Trimble XR10.

P1 VDC is always investing in the latest technology to improve accuracy and efficiency.

According to VDC Specialist Richard Anderson, it’s the best hybrid reality product on the market today, exceeding the value of both virtual and augmented reality products, neither of which allow the full immersive experience.

“The differentiating characteristic of mixed reality is that the synthetic content and the real-world content are able to react to each other in real time,” Richard explained.

“We are able to see the design intent on our jobsites using the holograms,” he said. “The HoloLens is compatible with an industry standard hard hat, and certified for use in safety controlled environments. You can also wear safety glasses with the hat."

Richard also notes you’re doing the work using a nearly seamless combination of your own senses combined with the XR10 technology.

“It has seven cameras for head tracking, eye tracking, and for capturing photo and video,” Richard said. “The microphone, which takes voice commands, is a bone-conductive headset for audio in noisy environments.”

Richard Anderson P1 Group

The ultimate goal is to improve prefabrication efficiency and ensure quality installation, in many cases reducing project costs. Key features that contribute to this include:

Pre-Construction Visualization

Perform on-site walk-throughs at 1:1 scale, to visualize work

Remote Assist + Virtual Site Walks

Ride along with colleagues on virtual site walks from home or office. Off-site personnel can see the model overlaid on the actual site directly from their computer screen.

Clash Detection and Coordination

  • Pre-check installation plans with the current on-site conditions to identify potential clashes.
  • Ensure fit of prefabricated parts before sending orders to manufacturers.

3D Task Management

Tag issues onsite directly within the headset, with the ability to add photos and notes to office staff.

Install Verification + QA/QC

Verify installation by comparing digital plan to as-built.

We can’t wait to see it in action when VDC gets the Trimble XR10 out in the field. Stay tuned!

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