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The Fantastic Five: P1 Group’s IT Department

p1 group information technology Pictured, above, from left: Cameron Cooper, IT Manager; Matt Damon, IT Systems Engineer; Cody McCray, IT Support Tech II; Vanessa Taylor, IT Special Projects; Trevor Payne, IT Support Tech

While technically billed as a “support” department, there’s a lot more to P1 Group’s small-but-mighty five-person IT Department than meets the eye.

In today’s digital age, the company simply would not survive without the dedication, strategy, proactive solutions and expertise of our “fantastic five.”

Between headquarters, the field and additional P1 offices, IT Manager Cameron Cooper says the team has to do a lot more than fix things - they have to be proactive and strategic in building systems and tools that are standardized for better efficiency and upkeep.

“We try to leverage remote tools as much as possible,” Cameron said. “Like remote controlling laptops and desktops. When you get into the number of devices we manage, you have to think about them as whole and not individually.”

Cameron notes one key to success is using tools that not only fix problems, but prevent them, including inventory and software managers. These tools can deploy what’s needed quickly and automatically without a lot of personal intervention needed.

Cameron says preplanning and consistency is another way IT keeps things running more smoothly. “Whether it’s an office or jobsite, we typically try to have a standard set of equipment that is common across all of our locations,” he said.

When Cameron started with P1 six years ago, he says the team worked (very successfully) to build infrastructure and expand the footprint into other offices.

Today, they work to proactively maintain those systems and their work doesn’t stop in the technology room. The team has transformed itself to be more integral in the business process.

“Systems around accounting, phones and different workflows affect all of our departments,” Cameron said. “We spend a fair amount of time strategizing about how to move these systems forward for maximum efficiency.”

Cyber Security: A Growing Concern for All

Ever wonder what keeps an IT professional awake at night? Cameron says cyber security is at the top of his list.

“We’re fast approaching our centennial, and if we want to be here for the next centennial, we have to upgrade cyber security efforts with a lot of awareness and education,” he said.

In today’s dangerous digital landscape, the responsibility for cyber security falls on everyone, Cameron emphasizes. “It isn’t something only IT can take care of – all associates need to learn about the many forms threats can take and take steps themselves to minimize danger and avoid breaches.”

P1 Group is taking active steps to help associates better understand cyber security threats and what to do when they arise.

Thanks to our amazing IT team for the work that keeps P1 Group going for the next 100 years!

IT By the Numbers

  • 4,000+ Helpdesk requests completed (2018)
  • 406 laptops and/or desktop computers
  • 816 company mobile devices: iphones + ipads
  • 399 telephone lines for office phones
  • 946 mobile telephone lines acquired this year from purchasing
  • 41 Servers
  • 40-50+ Terabytes of information. (One terabyte is 1,000 times bigger than a gigabyte)
  • Bluebeam eXtreme Award Winner/2017
  • Bluebeam eXtreme Award Finalist/2018

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