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The 2021 P1 Group Safety Calendar is Here!

P1 Group Safety Culture

Each year, P1 Group challenges our youngest artists to share their interpretations of our Safety Culture for the annual Safety Calendar. The participants are all children or relatives of our associates.

Out of a total 25 entries, we ended up with 13 winners and one cool calendar.

We’d like to kick off 2021 with these entertaining creations from our P1 kids, and make it another “Safety First, Quality Always” year.

p1 safety first quality always

Winning Entries

  • (COVER) Carlie Joe Rohaus, age 14/Senior Project Manager Casey Rohaus
  • MaKenna Larsen, age 12/Project Manager Jason Larson
  • Hannah Miller, age 12/Service Supervisor Bryan Miller
  • Caroline McCoy, age 13/Plumber Foreman Mike McCoy
  • Alice Collier, age 12/Service Manager Adam Collier
  • Charli Ross, age 9/Safety Specialist Shawn Ross
  • Anthony Dutzel, age 13/Pipefitter Foreman Rob Goin
  • Cadence Brady, age 12/Fitter Foreman Troy Spridgen
  • Jayden Brown, age 12/Accounting Clerk Cherie Nichols
  • Piper Mandrick, age 7/Electrical Construction Senior Project Manager Mike Hutchison
  • Kimber King, age 8/Pipefitter Foreman Jordan King
  • Lily Pierce, age 10/Project Manager Nathan Pierce
  • Natalie Argubright, age 9/Proactive Solutions Sales Manager Tom Argubright

Runners-Up (Artwork Can Be Found on the Back Page of the Calendar)

  • Bailey Argubright, age 7/Proactive Solutions Sales Manager Tom Argubright
  • Jaelynn Pearl, age 5/Service Coordinator Erin Pearl
  • Kylie Pearl, age 8/Service Coordinator Erin Pearl
  • Brody Boer, age 7/Project Coordinator Shannon Boer
  • Cooper King, age 10/Pipefitter Foreman Jordan King
  • Kyler King, age 8/Pipefitter Foreman Jordan King
  • Liam Kittle, age 10/Senior Project Manager Zach Kittle
  • Grayson Kittle, age 8/Senior Project Manager Zach Kittle
  • Barrett Mandrick, age 10//Senior Project Manager Zach Kittle
  • Jillion Dutzel, age 8/Pipefitter Foreman Rob Goin
  • Lila Brock, age 8/Electrical Foreman Jared Brock
  • Olivia McClintock, age 11/System Shop Technician Kristin Holmes

P1 Safety First

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