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Kick Back with a Ridiculously Romantic Movie This Valentine's

Valentine Rom Coms

As much as I love a good cheesy Christmas movie (as witnessed here), Netflix’s “rom com” selection is pretty great too, and there’s no shortage of romantic shenanigans: assistants setting bosses up, kissing booths, absurd plots, and funny best friends. And what goes better with cheese than wine?

Here are my Valentine pairing recommendations.


This one starts off with a man seeking to sue his dating app “Love Guaranteed” because he went on 1,000 dates and didn’t find love. Naturally, he wants his money back. He enlists the help of a lawyer, the typical married-to-her-job single lady. Of course, she has never used a dating app, and her all-too-eager assistants have to make her a profile. She makes it through two (2) dates before giving up. While researching her client’s failed past dates, she slowly falls in love with him.

1 Pairing P1 Group



Who doesn’t like a good pun for a title? A lady fed up with her life in the city soon finds herself in a contest to win an Inn in New Zealand. But it’s a scam! She was hoodwinked and the inn is completely dilapidated in need of full rehabilitation. She decides to dig in and do it with the help of a rogue goat that came with the property, but it isn’t going well. Cue the cute local handyman. He just seems to pop up wherever she goes. Turns out he’s the only contractor in town, and eventually agrees to help. The two agree to split everything 50/50 when they sell. But trouble is brewing when a rival inn owner tries to throw a wrench into things. Will handyman and not-so-handywoman end up together? Watch and see!

2 Pairing P1 Group



I want to end with an anti-rom com. The main character just got her dream job but has to move across the country for it. Her boyfriend of nine years decides he’s not in on this and breaks up with her. So what better way to get over a man? Going on an adventure with your girlfriends! She and her two besties spend the day trying to find tickets to the most sought-after concert.

Hijinks ensue while she can’t stop having flashbacks of the relationship: the good, bad, and ugly. Can she get over him?

3 Pairing P1 Group



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