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P1 Group Millwrights: More than Meets the Eye

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Do you have a project with equipment needs beyond P1 Group’s typical trade skills? Are there heavy, complex pieces of machinery being moved or set? Are major conveyor systems involved? Do you need to construct a pre-fabricated office or erect a storage mezzanine? Is equipment or a structure being demolished?

The Millwrights can handle it.

Millwrights were once specialized carpenters, dating back to antiquity, who completely designed and constructed mills (of the flour, saw, paper and fulling varieties). Due to its historical roots, Millwrighting is considered one of the oldest engineering trades.

Most of us know the P1 Group Millwrights work in heavy industrial and manufacturing environments moving and installing large and/or complicated equipment. But there’s a lot more to their capabilities.

Today’s Millwright installs and dismantles machinery and equipment according to specifications in layout plans and blueprints.

“We are precision experts when it comes to machine and equipment alignment using cranes, hoists, jacks, micrometers, and optical laser alignment tooling to set equipment down to the 1000ths of an inch,” P1 Group Project Manager Jim Nisely said.

jim nisely p1 group

Nisely also notes Millwrights have to have exceptional problem solving skills, because they work on the maintenance aspect of moving equipment and manufacturing lines that can only be out of service for short periods of time.

“We have the ability to get into deep maintenance and work on complicated pieces of equipment that require precision alignment,” Jim said.

“When performing our typical service at a plant or manufacturing facility, there may be other opportunities to increase business and revenue by looking at what a Millwright could provide,” Nisely said.

“We try to work with all areas of P1 Group to identify these,” he added. “We might secure a contract that wasn’t expected, or we may be able to add on to what service is already being provided. It’s a win-win because it adds value to the customer and revenue to P1 Group.”

If you have an opportunity that might benefit from Millwright capabilities, contact Jim Nisely at 816.215.1780 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DID YOU KNOW...Everything a Millwright Can Do?

  • Shaft coupling alignment: optical laser and dial indicator alignment procedures
  • Heavy equipment rigging, hauling and setting
  • Welding
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Machinery fabrication
  • Machinery assembly and disassembly
  • Overhead conveyor systems
  • Bulk handling conveyor systems
  • Dust collector and baghouse assembly and installation
  • Screw conveyor systems
  • Drag conveyor system
  • Belt conveyor systems
  • Bucket elevators
  • Machinery safety guarding and fencing
  • Package handling equipment
  • Robotics and automation equipment installation
  • Steam turbine installation, rebuilds and maintenance
  • Gas turbine installation, rebuilds and maintenance
  • Blueprint reading: basic, intermediate and advanced
  • Pre-fabricated enclosures such as refrigerated and office enclosures
  • Precision grouting for equipment or structural base plates
  • Perform all duties of a carpenter
  • Demolition of all types of equipment and structure

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