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Electrical and Piping Fabrication Shops Work Seamlessly to Create Trip Cabinets and Stands


P1’s Electrical and Piping Fabrication shops worked together to fabricate a Trip Cabinet for Exelon’s Hendley Station (an Emerson customer) in Fort Worth, Texas. According to Senior Project Manager Rick Ellis, P1 has built approximately six of these cabinets over the past three years for Emerson.

What set this fabrication apart is that it was fabricated from a schematic drawing only, whereas the cabinets are usually fabricated using a full set of drawings.

Dustin Gilbert, Timothy Rockers, and Troy Hoffman did the tube bending and welding in the pipe fab shop. Shawn Hasting and Connor Immenschuh worked on the electrical cabinet components.

Over the years, P1 has also built multiple trip stands for Emerson customers. The stands are not enclosed because they are located inside buildings. The cabinet above is designed to go with an outside turbine, withstand the elements, and protect the contents inside.

Last summer, Electrical and Pipe fab also worked together to fabricate and install three Trip Stands and one Pressure Status Manifold (PSM) Stand for El Paso Electric’s Newman Power Station, another Texas customer of Emerson, pictured below.

The fabrication included a Unit 1 and Unit 2 Trip Stand, Unit 4 Trip Stand, and PSM Stand.

The stand fabrication, painting, equipment mounting, and piping were performed in the Pipe Fab shop by Foreman Brad Wendt, and sent to the Electrical Fab shop where Electrical Foreman Darren Ousdahl performed the electrical installation.

“These equipment stands will be installed by the power plant as upgrades to their existing turbine control systems, and the prefabricated stands will give the owner single point connections for each tubing connection,” Rick said.

“This will simplify the field installation work and ultimately allow the customer to have tighter control of their turbines.”

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