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Life is an Adventure: Associate Profile on Project Coordinator Diana Korbe

Diana Hero

Throughout her life, Diana Korbe has always loved adventure and travel, and this year, she has had many opportunities to “get out of town.”

Diana’s cousin is a travel agent, and they were roommates in Houston for a couple of years. Now that Diana is back in the Kansas City area, her cousin still helps inject travel fun into Diana’s life.

“She will text me to see if I want to go on a trip with her and my response is always ‘YES!’” Diana said.

Diana has been on several trips this year alone.

“I love seeing new parts of the world, how people live differently, trying new food, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people from all over the world, and getting out of my comfort zone,” Diana said.

Let’s Travel Along!


Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios

“The Magic Kingdom is truly magic. Universal Studios was such a thrill and the cause of sooo many belly laughs!”

Cape Canaveral.Cruise

“I have been two times before but when I was researching,I saw that Skydive SpaceCenter lets you jump at18,000 feet, vs 12,000 feet in Kansas. I was superexcited - there’s just something about jumping out of a plane that makes you feel so alive.”

"The Disney Cruise was super fun and we had the opportunity to go snorkelling."

New York.Float

New York

“We went to see Wicked on Broadway, tried lots of new restaurants and walked over 10 miles each day. We had Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and took a pedal cab tour of Central Park,” Diana said. “We went to the MET,Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, Top of the Rock,
5th Avenue, National History Museum, and The Summit.” Now that’s how you do NYC!

Float Trip

”We get little to no cell service so my favorite part is getting to unplug and spend quality time with my family.”

b2ap3 large Colorado.Houston


“We did a lot of hiking, went to Pike’s Peak, Garden of the Gods, Can-Am tour of the mountains, art festival, and of course we ate lots of good food.”


“I got my Tex-Mex fix, went to an Astros game and spent time with family and friends.”

Coming Home to P1

Diana grew up in Tecumseh, KS, with one sister and four brothers. She stayed very busy during high school with tennis, soccer, track, and basketball, all while working part-time at Dairy Queen.

She was hired as a Human Resources assistant in the P1 Lenexa office, but after a few months wanted to move back to Topeka to be closer to her family, including her aging grandmother. She was able to transfer to the P1 Topeka office as Service Coordinator.

During this time, she started taking classes at Baker University and received her degree in Business Management in May 2022.

P1 Construction Employee Education

She moved to Houston for a couple of years and worked as a flight dispatcher.

When she decided to move back to the Kansas City area, the first thing she did was look for open positions at P1.

“I really enjoyed working at P1 due to the people and the culture,” Diana said. “It’s kind of like a family and I wanted to go back to that.”

Diana currently works out of the Lawrence office as an Electrical Project Coordinator, reporting to Operations Manager/Team Leader Rick Drake.

Thanks for letting P1 live vicariously through your travels, Diana!

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