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Lawrence Office Gets a Remodel

p1 group fabrication remodel

The P1 Group Lawrence office is a big part of our history and our future. But the office space at the 220,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility was due for an upgrade. 

When P1 Group’s Lawrence office relocated to the current building 13 years ago, it was spacious, but in need of a major remodel to be functional for our needs.Offices were built in what was once warehouse space, new carpet was installed and fresh paint went on the walls.

Then, late last fall, the executive team decided it was time to freshen up the workspace. With quite a few outside visitors walking through to the fabrication shops, the office spaces didn’t reflect all the excellent work that is accomplished there.

Chris Champagne, Operations Manager, began laying plans for accomplishing the remodel without disrupting work too much.

The office space consists of 20,000 square feet and everything had to be moved out of each area and then moved back in after the flooring and painting were finished.

“The biggest challenge was making sure everyone had a place to land while their space was being painted and carpeted,” said Chris.

Moving every single item out of each space also created the opportunity for a major clean and purge, of every drawer, shelf and file cabinet.

The space was divided into five areas, each with its own start and completion date. The work began in Area A (a.k.a. PM Row), and the Lawrence team sprang into action, working hard until every area was complete.

On a green note, the remodel led to the mass recycling of paper from old files and discarded documents.The brighter, cleaner space has been well received and P1 can’t say “thank you” enough to all the people who worked so hard to execute this challenging project.

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