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If P1 Group Was a Piece of Art...

Metallic Weave

. . . it might look like this.

Walking through an art fair in Venice, FL a few months ago, Smitty and Donna Belcher happened upon some art they thought would be perfect for P1’s Lenexa lobby.

The piece, “Metallic Weave” was created by Joseph Ferris, a metal artist.  

“We were drawn to the stainless steel look and the colors (black and red). We thought it was perfect for P1,” Smitty said.

Ferris has a background in industrial design and he creates large metal sculptures as well as unique metal wall art. He typically begins his wall pieces with simple linear and circular designs and then uses advanced metal finishing processes to etch the metal so it reflects light. He typically also adds several coloring applications to create vibrant colors.

“Metallic Weave” has been hanging on a wall adjacent to the lobby for a few weeks and gets lots of compliments from P1 associates and visitors. It does seem to fit right in.

Thanks to Smitty and Donna for this creative contribution!

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