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Daikin Aquatherm Fabrication Project

P1’s pipe fabrication often includes the production of polypropylene pipe, an alternative - in some applications - to traditional pipe material. Aquatherm is economical, faster to install, and corrosion free.

Over the years, P1 has forged a strong relationship with Aquatherm, a supplier of polypropylene pipe. Recently, Aquatherm made the connection between P1 and Daikin, a large customer and leading innovator and provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

Daikin’s air-cooled chillers are designed with Aquatherm manifolds, internal to those chillers. When Daikin approached them with a large fabrication request, Aquatherm thought P1 would be an ideal partner to fulfill their large fabrication needs.

The result was a five-year contract with Daikin to fabricate spools for their chillers.

Services Provided

  • Aquatherm pipe fabrication

Project Details


Lawrence, KS


Started in 2022, Ongoing



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