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GO BIG or Go Home: Semi Truck Day Cab Adds Transport Efficiency

Day Cab Hero

Fleet Adds Semi Truck DayCab for Sheet Metal Transport

When it comes to sheet metal fabrication, things can get pretty big - and transporting large items requires big trailers and big cargo space.

So P1 went “big” with the addition of a new Semi Truck DayCab.

P1 Corporate Fleet Manager Nick Miccoli explains the need for more cargo space, and the trailers that provide that.

“Having a semi-truck to pull our 53-foot trailers allows us much more cargo space,” Nick said. “This reduces multiple trips in a box truck or smaller vehicle. We now have the capability to haul our own semi-trailers, instead of having to outsource the hauling.”

Steve Hinshaw adds that several meetings with P1 sheet metal foremen - and others with subject matter expertise - were the catalyst for the DayCab decision.

“We conducted meetings with several of P1’s top sheet metal foremen asking them for areas of improvement,” Steve said.

Steve says the group - which included Gary Kluender, Brian Tongue, Dave Wright, Tom Keating, Steve Klamm, Steve Turner, Jason Larson, and Ben Gannaway - pointed out that one semi-load is about the equivalent of four box truck loads.

Warehouse Operations Manager Ben Gannaway was a major driver in the purchase of the DayCab.

“There is time lost waiting for a crane or fork lift – that we typically have to borrow to unload a truck - on a job site,” Ben said. “We were paying for a driver, back and forth four times, instead of just once.”

“It is also difficult to get an outside trucking company to move trailers that don’t belong to them,” he added.

Fabricated duct is one of the most common components requiring significant space.

“Instead of fabricating duct and putting it into a neat pile in the shop, where space is precious, we can now fabricate duct and load it straight onto one of our four new semi-trailers - which can be then be transported with the DayCab,” Steve said.

Nick notes this is the first semi-tractor in the P1 fleet, but may not be the last.

“This is the heaviest duty vehicle we have in the fleet, and, depending on future work, there is always a possibility we would acquire more,” Nick said.

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