p1 group coil line hero

P1 Group can now manufacture standard lengths of duct at a fraction of the time in the Lawrence, Kansas, fabrication shop.

The recently acquired equipment is called an Iowa Precision Coil Line. P1 Group “adopted” the previously owned machinery from a contractor in Boston.
The equipment was shipped in pieces on four semis and installed by P1 Millwrights.

According to Operations Manager Chris Champagne, the equipment is a huge time saver.

“Before we had the machine it would take approximately 15 minutes to produce one piece of duct. With the coil line we can manufacture pieces at a rate of 30 seconds per piece.” 

The machine is equipped with the following:

p1 group coil line collage

The new coil line is an exciting addition to the fab shop, saving significant time and labor and creating uniform, precise pieces.

SEE IT IN ACTION! Click below to watch a video of the coil line at work.