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Looks Matter: P1 Technicians Go the Extra Mile to Serve Customers



One of the first questions a good brand consultant will ask is “How are you differentiating yourself – why do people want to buy from you?”

Here’s one example. P1 Group has a reputation for going above and beyond, and our field experts find creative ways to do it every day. Just look at how service technician Geoff Conatser uses a little paint to make a big impression.

It started out as a routine boiler maintenance call for a new customers. Boilers are supposed to be maintained to certain standards and inspected by the state each year. When service technicians Randy Pressley and Geoff Conatser met the State inspector on site, they looked the boiler over and quickly informed the customer many repairs were needed before it would pass inspection.

 “The company had undergone some major management changes and the boiler had not been kept up to a state level and the inside was rotted out,” said Geoff.

After the customer approved the bid for repair, service technicians Geoff Conatser, Carl Larson and Tyler Dillon went to work gutting out the entire boiler. It took nine days from start to finish and when they were done, the boiler was essentially brand new on the inside.

But for Geoff, the job doesn’t stop there. When he finishes a job, he wants it to look as good on the outside as it does on the inside, so everything he hasn’t replaced gets a fresh coat of paint – his own choice, not necessarily a mandate of the job contract.

 “I figure if we do thousands of dollars’ worth of work, we want it to look brand new when we get done.  We want them to be able to see that they got what they paid for,” Geoff explained.

He considers it part of the end-of-job clean up.  He uses a wire wheel to knock any rust off and a few minutes with a can of spray paint and he has the equipment shining.

 “You definitely want it to leave the job site looking better than when you got there, but if you can make it look brand new in another hour, then why not?”

And it’s not only about the appearance. Geoff says when you do have to go back and work on the equipment, it’s so much nicer for himself and other techs when it is clean.

“You can’t walk up to a boiler and see that you spent days putting additional cast iron inside it. With a little paint, what the customer  sees is a nice shiny boiler with a P1 sticker on it.”

The customer was certainly impressed with the work that the techs did on the boiler as evidenced by the facility manager’s praise for the team.

“From the initial set up, through the final stages and clean up, it has been nothing but a professional joy to work with P1 Group and all their staff. I recommend this organization to all my friends and fellow business owners.  P1 Group does quality work and their staff took the time to involve my staff throughout the entire process. P1 Group goes above and beyond!” Facility Manager Jacobe Britt said. 

“Our technicians did a fantastic job and it looks like a brand new boiler,” Service Manager Ryck Sanders noted “The customer is extremely happy and now they are considering a PM contract to keep the boilers maintained.”

Geoff is compiling quite a list of customers for whom he has transformed old equipment, and his end game is starting to catch on with some of the other technicians. When they finish a job, they send pictures to Geoff. 

“To me that is cool.  That is the difference between just doing your job and doing the best you can.”

Geoff’s little extra shine is definitely making a big impression that customers remember, and continues to differentiate P1 from the competition.

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