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CurrentSAFE Brings New Approach to P1 Group Electrical Preventative Maintenance

P1 Group electrical preventative maintenance

Above, right: P1 Group’s EPM team graduates from CurrentSAFE training in Youngstown, OH. Pictured, from left: Kiley Taylor, CurrentSAFE NFPA70E Instructor; Jeff Gardner, EPM Manager; Clint Hines, EPM Technician; Branner Gordon, EPM Technician; Derek Baldomino, EPM Technician; Daniel Farnan, General Manager; Sean Samson, CurrentSAFE Vice President of Dealer Development; Kevin Dickey, CurrentSAFE President

When your values line up, it makes certain business decisions easier.

This was the case when P1 Group became an exclusive provider of CurrentSAFE to change the way we do Electrical Preventative Maintenance (EPM).

CurrentSAFE EPM Services is an elite network of electrical contractors focused 100 percent on NFPA 70E Compliancy, multi-year service agreements, and increased negotiated projects.

“Both CurrentSAFE and P1 Group have the ultimate goal to develop a customer for life,” Danny Farnan, P1 Group General Manager said. “Our goal is developing and maintaining relationships with our customers to provide lifelong solutions for their facilities.”

The importance of being a CurrentSAFE dealer boils down to training, efficiency, compliance, and a consistent, proven program that benefits customers as well as P1 Group.

“P1 Group reaps the benefit of expanding your existing business and customer list using an established and proven operating system already in place,” Sharon Stebick, CurrentSAFE Dealership Development, said.

Sharon notes the ultimate goal is selling a 3-year preventative maintenance agreement, although technicians are also taught how to test, collect, and inventory electrical equipment, deliver reports, and, ultimately, get to the IRR: Install, Replace, and Repair work.

The stand-alone EPM agreement is new for P1 Group.

“Historically we’ve had services like IR Scanning added to a mechanical service agreement,” P1 Group EPM Manager Jeff Gardner explained. “It was either a spot or mechanical service. We’ve never consistently offered stand-alone electrical preventative maintenance multi-year agreements until now.”

The contracts are customizable, and will include what the customer builds with their sales rep according to their specific facility needs.

Those agreements bring big benefits to the customer and P1 Group.

Customers benefit from P1 Group’s CurrentSAFE-trained Electrical Preventative Maintenance staff, who can help them identify specific OSHA and insurance requirements to establish or maintain NFPA 70E compliancy.

CurrentSAFE electrical compliancy

According to CurrentSAFE Vice President of Dealer Development Sean Samson, the multi-year contract allows for more predictable revenue for P1 Group.

“The three-year contract has value for both: the contractor has predictable revenue every year, regardless of what the economy is doing, and the customer can budget without surprises in years two and three,” Sean said.

Most importantly, in line with P1 Group’s staunch commitment to safety, a CurrentSAFE preventative maintenance program reduces the risk of electrical failure or accidents, ultimately reducing the risklevel for management.

And this brings the conversation to compliance. One of the critical differentiators of providing CurrentSAFE is the ability for our trained technicians to educate customers about the NFPA 70E 2018 Standard for Electrical Safety in the workplace.

“The key for P1 Group’s differentiation with CurrentSAFE is to get away from selling individual testing, which is what everyone else is doing,” Sean said.

“Stop using words like ‘scan’ or ‘shoot. With CurrentSAFE, P1 Group is changing the mindset for the company as well as P1 customers, because we are not selling Infrared Testing.”

CurrentSAFE not only provides the formal sales and training system, it provides training on compliance required by OSHA, and recommended by some insurance companies, on NFPA 70E. Contractors who are not part of the CurrentSAFE network can’t offer that.

“Recurring revenue starts with the compliance and the appreciation customers have for the education we can provide about how to achieve it, which saves a lot of headaches for that customer down the road,” Sean added.

“Some insurance companies have recognized that the implementation of a program like this at a facility reduces risk for business interruption,” Jeff said. “This could increase risk favorability and may affect premiums and deductibles.”

This compliancy isn’t always top of mind for customers, so it’s just one more value add P1 Group can provide with CurrentSAFE.

P1 Group looks forward to the results CurrentSAFE will deliver for our customers and our organization.

More about CurrentSAFE

Founded in 2005 in North Lima, OH, by Kevin Dickey, a partner in one of NE Ohio’s largest electrical contracting firms, CurrentSAFE has become one of the most respected residential and commercial  electrical safety and maintenance companies in America. The intensive training member dealers receive, along with state-of-the-art equipment and software, have rendered CurrentSAFE the most trusted name in electrical testing, maintenance, and OSHA/NFPA compliancy.

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