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Electrical Services

Poor connections and surrounding environment conditions are the two leading causes of electrical failure, causing nearly half of all electrical failures. Equipment that was not properly maintained accounted for two-thirds of those failures.

Overloaded circuits and power quality issues put undue stress on your electrical system, resulting in higher utility bills, excess heat and premature failures. Our detailed services can identify these issues and correct them with little to no downtime. We can also address and mitigate safety concerns such as arc flash potential, code violations and fire hazards. All of our maintenance and testing procedures are completed per NETA standards.

Our Electrical Preventive Maintenance (EPM) services pair the latest technology with skilled electricians to improve bottom line.

Using the EPM approach, each client’s unique needs are met with a program tailored specifically for their facility. P1 Group also provides written certification of the testing services which could potentially improve insurance risk ratings.

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