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Critical Environment Certification Services

P1 Group’s certified technicians and support staff have extensive healthcare and laboratory facility experience, allowing them to provide complete solutions from specific equipment all the way to the building/facility level.

Our Critical Environment Certification (CEC) services use cutting-edge technology and highly skilled technicians to provide certification and repairs to controlled environments, ensuring the correct personal, product and environment protections are in place in clean rooms, biosafety cabinets and pharmacy compounding facilities.

Hospital pharmacy compounding facilities, in particular, are held to increasing stringent standards. Pharmacists prepare IV medications in compounding rooms and codes demand that these rooms are completely clean. P1 Group is able to test and then offer solutions for repairs if problems are found.

The P1 team is dedicated to making sure your facility meets the highest standards which is why we follow the standards and guidelines from ANSI, NSF, ASHRAE, NEBB and USP.

Quick Facts

  • Critical Care Room Validations
  • Biosafety Cabinet Certification
  • Laminar Flow Work Bench Certification
  • HEPA Filter Integrity Testing
  • Fume Hood Testing
  • Viable Air Sample Testing
  • Particulate Counts
  • IAQ Testing
  • UV Light Testing
  • Temperature and High Humidity Testing
CEC Device
CEC Medical Records
CEC Clean Lab

Office Network

Kansas City: (913) 529-5000
Lawrence, KS: (785) 843-2910
Topeka, KS: (785) 235-5331
Wichita, KS: (316) 267-3256
St. Joseph, MO: (816) 233-3305
Las Vegas, NV: (702) 270-4432

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