Electrical Service

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P1 Group provides premier Power Quality & Reliability (PQR) services. We have taken electrical preventive maintenance to the next level using a systematic approach to maintain, service, calibrate, test and repair electrical systems and equipment.

Using the PQR approach, each client’s unique needs are met with a program tailored specifically for their facility. P1 Group also provides written certification of the testing services which could potentially improve insurance risk ratings.


  • Service
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Complete design and installation


A system of proactive maintenance is by far the most effective and economical means of eliminating potentially devastating outages. Our recommendations will aid you in preventing fire hazards, increasing safety and saving time, money and down time.

P1 Group’s PQR service ensures clean, reliable electrical power through the following services:

  • Thermographic imaging cameras detect excess heat in electrical components, often caused by loose or dirty connections.
  • Ultrasonic testers complement thermographic imaging cameras to detect and pinpoint loose connections.
  • Power quality testers detect the presence of disruptive harmonics and other power issues in electrical systems.
  • Ground testers ensure that equipment is protected from problems caused by poor grounding.
  • Resistance testers are used to test cables, contacts and bolted connections to verify condition and determine if they are suitable for continued use.
  • De-energized maintenance cleans, adjusts, lubricates and calibrates equipment to extend service life.
  • Visual inspection, performed by master electricians, can uncover corrosion, code violations and areas of potential failure.
  • Arc-Flash hazard assessments provide labeling for equipment that is required to protect personnel.
  • Computerized reporting helps you to manage the information we gather about your electrical system in a way that gives you a powerful new tool to keep your operation up and running.