Prevent critical data loss with laptop security

Kansas City-based P1 Group offers Fiberlink’s endpoint protection for mobile devices


What does “gone in 53 seconds” refer to?


It refers to the fact that every 53 seconds a laptop is stolen. (LoJack)


So, where’s your laptop right at this very moment? Is it in your car/truck? If so, is it in plain sight? Are your doors locked? Is it in the trunk?


Maybe you left it at the airport? In the back seat of a taxi? At a customer or work site?


There are countless ways for your laptop – and more importantly – your critical data to be compromised. And if you think you are immune to such troubles, consider these statistics:

  • 81% of companies have had laptops lost or stolen (Ponemon Institute LLC and Vantu Inc.)
  • 10,000 laptops are left in the back seat of London taxis each year (
  • 600,000 laptops are stolen every year (Safeware Insurance)
    • 62% of these had what companies considered mission critical data on them! (Fiberlink)

Those numbers represent a major problem for you and your company when you consider the shrinkage, lost time and resource drains – not to mention the potential lawsuits. Just contemplate the disastrous effects if confidential client information, employee data, etc. got in the wrong hands.


Worse yet, if a laptop is lost, it might not just be the information on the computer that is made available. Losing a laptop could potentially hand a hacker network access to your entire company.


Ultimately, we should all strive to conduct ourselves in a way that allows us to do our best to protect our company’s assets. Fortunately, there are resources to help provide the protection needed for our mobile workforce.


Through the company’s reseller relationship with Fiberlink, P1 Group can offer endpoint protection for mobile devices.


Fiberlink offers a comprehensive suite of security services that defend laptops against an extremely wide range of external and internal threats to laptops and remote PCs.


Fiberlink Security Services are all integrated with the MaaS360 Mobility Platform, which installs, monitors, updates and remediates security software, enforces corporate security and connectivity policies, and makes it easier to demonstrate compliance with security regulations. (


To learn more about how Fiberlink works and how it can benefit you, watch this video.


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