P1 recognized for North Heartland Community Church remodel


P1 Group recently completed the electrical upgrades, along with some plumbing and HVAC modifications, to the North Heartland Community Church sanctuary and main entry in Kansas City, Mo.

In light of the success of the project, North Heartland Community Church Associate Pastor Kitti Homan recognized P1 Group’s hard work and teamwork in helping make the project come together. Here is what she had to say:

Kelly (Dillon) and Marvin (Loecker):

I am the owner’s rep. for North Heartland Community Church’s recent remodel.  I’m sure you are aware that we’ve had more than a few challenges in that project.  The reason I’m sending this is because I simply cannot say enough good about (electrical project manager) Danny Farnan and his team.  From the beginning of the remodel through sorting out our current lighting issues, it has truly been a pleasure to work with Danny and his guys.  The field guys were courteous and when there were issues they explained them in ways a non-construction person like me could understand.

Danny has proven over and over that he’s concerned with NHCC’s satisfaction.  Throughout the current situation with the lights, I have been amazed by his tenacity.  I have honestly thought more than once, “He’s going to stop answering emails from me because once again, our lights aren’t working correctly.”  But every time he’s kept me informed of the process he’s going through and has truly worked with and for NHCC’s best interests.

Too often all people hear is what’s wrong.  But in this case, I’ve been so impressed with Danny’s work and the way he oversees his team, that I had to commend him.  I wish there were more guys like him in the world and I feel fortunate that we’ve gotten to benefit from his knowledge, experience and customer service.  P1 has gold in an employee like Danny.

Kitti Homan
Associate Pastor
North Heartland Community Church