P1 thanked for charitable contributions

P1 Group recently collected items for Artists Helping the Homeless, a local charity that helps reduce the need and cost of homeless care in the Kansas City area (Click here to read more about P1 Group’s contributions).

Artists Helping the Homeless Founder Kar Woo recognized P1 Group’s contributions with this letter:

Good Afternoon Mike (Belcher):

Thank you and the amazing group of employees for your generous gifts to Artists Helping the Homeless this holiday season.  With your help, the homeless we meet are getting food, warm clothing and needed supplies to help them through the winter.

These gifts have done more than meet an immediate need.  They are the basis of a relationship that allow us to assist the homeless in finding long term solutions to the issues keeping them on the street.  They are the basis of a trust that encourages the homeless to call us when they want to make a change.  They allow us to know each person which enables us to link them up with agencies where they have better odds for success, and to maintain that relationship as they go through that process.

These relationships have been the key to helping 33 chronic homeless off the street; in helping 65 youth that aged out of foster care obtain housing, get jobs or stay in school; and in assisting over 1,500 people from all segments of Kansas City’s homeless population, including veterans, domestic violence victims and stranded travelers.

On the street, the homeless often turn to police, ambulance and hospital ERs to meet basic needs.  By helping the homeless, we reduce their reliance upon these critical community services.  That equates to faster response times, less crowding and a savings of over $2,000,000 for emergency service.

Your generous Gifts also mean a lot to me and the Artists Helping the Homeless staff.  Not only have you given us things to do our work, you have given us encouragement and motivation.  We deeply appreciate the chance to partner with you to reduce homelessness by Helping The Homeless, Helping The Community


Kar Woo

Thank you to the following associates that helped deliver the items to Artists Helping the Homeless:

  • Ray Hansuld
  • Rick Cline
  • Karen Lane
  • Cheri Totta