P1 helps improve Fort Riley facilities for troop’s return

As troops return from Iraq, P1 Group has been constructing and renovating facilities at Fort Riley over the past two years totaling almost $32 million.

FORT RILEY, Kan. — Ever since the famed Big Red One, also known as the 1st Infantry Division of the United States Army, relocated its headquarters to Fort Riley, KS  in August 2006 from Leighton Barracks, Germany, P1 Group has been busy making additions and upgrading the fort to accommodate its new occupants.

Located along I-70 between Manhattan and Junction City, much of P1 Group’s $32 million worth of work at Fort Riley can be seen by passing drivers.

“Approximately 60 percent of the buildings you see, we’ve built or remodeled,”  P1 Group Vice President Mike Bowman said.

P1’s recent scope of work spans multiple projects, highlighted by the Southside facilities, Southside Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) facilities and Vehicle Maintenance Facility/Company Operations Facility (VMF/COF). Other recent notable projects include the Whitside and CAB dining facilities.


As one can imagine, performing work for the U.S. military comes with the expectation of using state-of-the-art construction. P1 Group has risen to the challenge and implemented the latest energy efficient solutions en route to gaining LEED Silver Certification on the Whitside and CAB dining facilities.


$12, 831, 679 MEP/BT

This 18-month project completed in February 2009 consisted of two command buildings, three COFs and one hangar. P1 group used Victaulic (2 1/2″ and up) and ProPress (2″ and below) for 95% of all hydronic piping, ProPress for 95% of domestic water piping, and it used an Ingersoll Rand aluminum compressed air pipe system.  P1 converted all duct to round and used Lindab “self sealing” gasketed spiral duct fittings.

To make the project more efficient and safer, P1 Group fabricated and skid-mounted all pumps and boilers along with all interconnecting pipe, valves, strainers, etc. in the company’s fab shop in Lawrence and shipped the skids to the job site and sat them in place for a “plug and play” application.

Electrically, new electrical, special systems and temperature control wiring were installed for all buildings, and site lighting was added to all storage and parking lots.


$10, 852, 781 MEP/BT

Completed in May 2009, this six-building project also included three command buildings, two COFs and one hanger. The project features four energy recovery ventilators, six air handling units, 12 condensing boilers and six condensing units. Moreover, three chillers with 400 tons of cooling were installed, along with 152 plumbing fixtures.

In addition to doing all the electrical, special systems, temperature control wiring and site lighting, P1 Group also did the medium voltage distribution and outside plant (OSP) fiber and multipair copper cabling.


$5, 052, 489 E/BT

For this project, P1 Group worked on two COFs, four Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities (TEMFs) and three support buildings, completing all the medium voltage distribution, OSP, electrical, special systems and site lighting.