P1 Group Recognized for Reducing Impact on the Environment

The P1 Group Accounting department was recognized for using the Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Program as an effort to making the workplace environmentally friendly.

The Iron Mountain Secure Shredding Program is a way for businesses to securely dispose of unnecessary paper documents while saving money and the environment. By using the Secure Shredding Program, P1 Group was able to achieve the following environmental benefits:

  • 29 Trees saved
  • 11,978 Gallons of water saved
  • 3,422 Pounds of recycled paper
  • 2 Tons of paper weight material
  • 787 Gallons of oil saved
  • 7,016 KW-hours of electricity saved
  • 5 Cubic yards of landfill reduction
  • 103 Pounds of air pollution prevented

Congratulations to all of the employees that helped P1 reduce its impact on the environment.