P1 Group reaches 2 million man hours without a lost time incident

P1 Group has achieved a rare feat in the construction industry. As of December 1, P1 has worked a staggering 2,141,079 man hours without a lost time accident, further proving why it is one of the safest contractors in the nation.

According to OSHA’s 2008 statistics, the average electrical contractor suffers 13.4 lost workday cases annually per 939 employees, and the average plumbing, heating and air-conditioning contractor endures 18.6 lost workday cases annually per 1,009 employees.

In stark contrast, P1 has experienced zero cases since August 2008.

“This feat could not have been achieved without the help of everyone,” P1 Group Safety Director Don Campbell said. “We are extremely proud that our associates have been able to leave work the same way they came in.”

P1 Group would like to thank all of its associates for making safety a first priority and encourages everyone to keep up the great work.

“This mark is not a finish line, but rather the start of something even more impressive,” Campbell said.

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