P1 Group improves the efficiency at Exide Technologies

Exide plant

CANYON HOLLOW, Mo. — Exide Technologies has a long history as a forerunner of industrial advancement in the battery business. One of the largest secondary recyclers in the world, Exide provides Total Battery Management, which keeps recyclable materials in the manufacturing stream instead of landfills. Approximately 99% of all lead is recovered, as well as plastic and chemicals from the spent batteries they receive.

In the wake of recent EPA regulation initiatives to improve environmental quality, Exide has installed several exhaust baghouses (large fabric filter banks used to remove particulates from the air to control air pollution) at their Battery Recycling Plant located in Canyon Hollow, Mo. As a result of the increased exhaust requirements the facility experienced excessive air infiltration, and during the winter months cold air pulled from outside caused plant indoor temperatures to drop below optimal conditions.

P1 Group was called upon to develop a heating solution that could overcome the increased winter loads of roughly 12 million BTUH of heat to cover the 100,000 square foot facility. Working directly with the owner, P1 Group offered professional services to develop and design a custom solution that could meet the building heating requirements without disturbing dust and debris in the operating environment. After an extensive and comprehensive engineered study, P1 Group presented multiple alternative solutions to heat the facility, along with the capital costs to complete the project. Exide elected to utilize Radiant Tube Heating, an overhead system that emits heat from combustion gases.

The expertise and experience of the Performance Solutions Group has been instrumental in the engineering and implementation of this project. The P1 team members involved in the project development phase were; Rusty Roderick- Vice President, Michael Salmon- Project Developer, and Blane Summers- Project Manager. The project management team will include; Blane Summers- Project Manager (PM), Doug Burkert- Mechanical PM, Jason White- Electrical PM, Andy McCoy- Mechanical Foreman, and John Bullimore- Electrical Foreman. The estimated completion date is December 2014.