P1 Group hits 3 million hours worked without lost time again

P1 Group Safety hits 3 million hours without lost timeP1 Group has hit a safety milestone once again as the company reached 3 million hours worked without a lost-time incident on December 5, 2012. This ongoing achievement started in 2010, and comes on the heels of a streak of over 3.5 million hours that ended in 2010. In other words, within a five-year period, P1 Group has had TWO streaks of 3 million hours without a lost-time incident, giving additional credit to the company’s reputation as one of the safest contractors in America.

“It’s an amazing testament to the people of our company to reach a milestone like this, not just once, but twice,” P1 Group Vice President of Safety Don Campbell said. “Our company expects results like this, but to achieve those results is still rewarding.”

P1 Group would like to thank all of its associates for embracing the company’s safety-first culture and encourages everyone to keep up the great work.

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