P1 Group encourages calls to Safety Department in times of uncertainty

It’s no surprise that the construction business involves hazardous work activities that put the company and our associates at risk every day. These risks can include loss of time, assets and most importantly the safety and health of our associates. To reduce this inherent risk, proper safety practices must become instinctive and routine. However, what happens when one is still unsure about a particular course of action? Before proceeding with uncertain actions, P1 Group wants it to become simple and routine for associates to call the Safety Department and ask for help.

To better reinforce the message, P1 Group will be deploying a new graphic image reminding associates to call the Safety Department if they have any question or concern whatsoever. Conveniently included in the graphic are the safety director’s and assistant safety director’s personal cell phone numbers, providing associates with direct and immediate help. In keeping with the company’s “Safety First” business principle, P1 wants the conversational wording to reflect that it is OK to call without hesitation.

P1 Group’s goal is to use the image on hard hats, t-shirts and other places that fall in common sight of associates. If a potentially dangerous situation arises, P1 wants to ensure that Don Campbell’s and Greg Sweeney’s phone numbers are readily accessible.


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