P1 Group children spend day learning about their parents’ careers

If the evaluations from the children who participated are any indication, P1 Group’s inaugural “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” on April 24 was a huge success. This day is a nationally recognized event that strives to teach children the possibilities for a balanced work and family life.

The event volunteers at P1 hoped the children would learn something and also have some fun, and the feedback demonstrates just that:

  • “I learned more about what my mom does.”
  •  “I learned what P1 builds.”
  • “Now I know what a blueprint is.”
  • “I liked all of it.”
  • “I might want to work here.”

Thirty associates from the Lawrence and Lenexa offices volunteered their time to participate in structured events with the children throughout the morning, with activities that taught the kids about the MEP industry and the importance of all divisions at P1.

The children were able to get a glimpse of what Project Managers, the BIM/CAD Manager and the CFO do on a daily basis through A Day in the Life of a Professional presentations. After learning about the importance of safety and getting to try on PPE (personal protective equipment), the kids toured the offices, wearing hard hats and safety glasses, of course. The tours concluded with a video conference between Lawrence and Lenexa so the two groups could understand how we are able to meet across the miles.

The children learned about estimating through a hands-on activity in which they counted light fixtures and plumbing fixtures on a blueprint. The kids also participated in a Guess Who activity, in which they listened to clues about five P1 employees and then guessed the employees’ various occupations.

Each child designed a What I Want to be When I Grow Up plate, with their own illustration. The plates, as well as framed photos of the kids with their parents, will be distributed as keepsakes of the day.

The event concluded with a lunch for the kids and their parents.