P1 Group associates spring to the rescue for Dillons


TOPEKA, Kan. – Recently, a Dillons grocery store in Topeka was in the middle of remodeling when an electrical conduit in the floor was accidentally cut, knocking out power to the deli and bakery.

Dillons called on P1 to rescue the day. Ten P1 Group employees worked around the clock beginning at midnight on April 6 to get power restored in three days.

Dillons’ Project Manager for Facility Engineering, Corey Bettenbrock, appreciated their hard work so much he offered to take everyone out to dinner. Due to conflicting schedules, the group was unable to get together, so he sent each of them a Dillons gift card and heartfelt thank you note instead.

“I was truly impressed with the dedication your guys took in this project,” said Bettenbrock.

The P1 associates recognized were Project Manager Ron McCall; Foremen David Young, Jeremy Gann and Justin Nelson; Electrician Supervisor Scott Bond Sr.; HVAC Supervisor Shawn Lightfoot,  and Electrician Apprentices Adam Hiebsch, Brady Houghtaling, Dan Beebe, Daniel Courter and Jared Brock.