P1 Group associates complete 12-week walking program

In April, P1 Group introduced an optional goal-based walking program encouraging associates to step up their daily walking habits. Almost three months later, the challenge has finally reached completion.

The program, “Step By Step,” focuses on the simple and beneficial exercise of walking. The core idea centers around pushing oneself to take that extra step, whether it’s taking the stairs, parking further from the door, or taking a short walking break after lunch. Such actions are relatively convenient and can be easily worked into busy schedules.

Participants were allowed to choose goals that best fit their needs, but the common goal was for individuals to walk 10,000 steps per day, or slightly more than double the number of steps the average American takes in day.

P1 Group gave participants their own pedometer to keep track of their progress.

To help associates track their progress, P1 Group gave every participant a pedometer. Guided by peer support, the group periodically met to discuss their personal goals and ways to overcome any challenges. P1 also provided weekly articles offering tips and advice.

For Marilyn Rose, P1 Group accounting clerk, the Step By Step program has given her results unmatched by any other exercise she had tried previously.

“It’s made me lose weight. It’s made me toned. I’ve lost inches. It’s fantastic,” Rose said.

Rose’s routine is simple. Almost every lunch she walks a half hour to an hour around the company parking lot with her iPod, grooving along to the beat of Willie Nelson, Guns N’ Roses or Savage Garden. Often she will accumulate 6,000 steps during just her lunch break.

So far, Rose’s results have carried a positive tune. Since she began walking regularly, she’s lost 15 pounds and four inches in the thighs.

An avid golfer, Rose can also now walk the hilly Lake Perry Country Club golf course, a task she couldn’t do last year.

“It’s given me strength in my legs,” Rose said.

Even more importantly, Rose feels she is adding years to her life by walking. After a recent doctor’s visit, her doctor said he expects her to live well into her 90s. As a recent breast cancer survivor, the 62-year-old understands and appreciates the significance of staying in good physical health.

“Of course walking is good for weight loss, but it’s also good for overall healthy being,” Rose said. “It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, lessen the likelihood of diabetes, and it’s good for heart health.”

Even though the program has technically finished, Rose says she intends to continue her good walking habits. She said she finds joy in nature and feels miserable whenever she is unable to walk at lunch. Come wintertime, Rose said intends to take advantage of the large walking space P1 Group provides in its warehouse.

“I’d recommend the Step By Step program to anybody,” Rose said. “I welcome anyone to walk with me.”

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