P1 Group adds personal touch to tracking customer satisfaction

In a new generation of e-mail, texting and other forms of less personal communication, P1 Group has made a conscious effort to maintain sight of the roots that has helped make the company so successful – genial personal communication. In keeping with the company’s “Professional and Friendly Dealing” business principle, P1 Group made the decision last March to give Laura Morris the new position of Customer Care Consultant. Her main duty would be to simply meet with customers and talk about their experience using P1.

Over a year later, it’s safe to say the change has been greeted with great success. One of Morris’ essential goals is to seek customer feedback on service technician performance. The questions she asks draw on the technician’s level of clean-up, communication, professionalism and responsiveness.

“We strive to make sure that the customer is comfortable with their technician,” Morris said.

Apparently customers are. Morris believes the positive feedback she’s received is a result of several factors. For one, she said that after the job is complete, P1 Group does a good job reviewing how to maintain their systems.

“In doing so, it lessens the likelihood of them calling for repairs. We believe in doing it right the first time,” she said.

By being proactive and taking the time to listen to the customer after work has been completed, P1 Group is able to ensure that no issues persist. Morris said this one-to-one interaction not only builds the customer’s respect for the company, but P1 Group is able to enhance its services by gathering valuable feedback.

Morris also explained that it’s not about making the biggest sale, but about listening and building trust. By being honest and in tune with the customer’s true needs, she said it helps forge a mutual long-term relationship.

“When the building manager sees the level of care and service we provide, P1 Group often becomes seen as the one-source solution,” Morris said.

By doing things the right way, P1 Group seems to have developed a constant cycle of positivity that feeds itself. In addition to visiting with the customer, Morris said she also frequently talks with her technicians to share the customer’s appreciation with them. In turn, they feel good to know that their work is noticed, and it motivates them to keep up the good work. Their continued good work generates more positive feedback from the customer, and the cycle repeats.

“We’re always looking to continuously improve our company,” P1 Group President Mike Belcher said. “At the end of the day, it’s the customers that drive our business. The only way to stay in sync is to listen to them and understand their expectations.”

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