P1 associate expands green effort, sets example

P1 Group would like to congratulate Darlene Jacob on receiving the Green Difference Award. With an intent vision on preserving the Earth’s resources, Darlene saw opportunity for improvement and quietly took it upon herself to make a difference.

While P1 Group already had paper recycle bins widely available, Darlene saw a chance to do more. She helped establish the collection of cans and bottles by setting up bins in the administrative area, kitchen and sheet metal shop. Once full, she transports them on her own time to the recycling center.

In effort to recycle non-standard paper, Darlene also helped start the collection of old magazines and catalogues so those items can be recycled as well and in the proper way. Furthermore, Darlene has demonstrated a great consciousness of turning off lights when not in use.

Darlene’s actions have positively influenced both the environment and the company. P1 Group is especially proud to give this award since there was no advertisement that an award would be given. Darlene’s genuine efforts are just one example of the many given daily by the innovative and hard-working associates of P1 Group.

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