P1 associate applies safety training, saves a life

Larry Schultz, P1 Group electrical project manager, is a sensible man. When P1 Group offered a CPR class led by P1 Safety Vice President Don Campbell a few months ago, he elected to take the optional four-and-a-half-hour course. Schultz, at age 73, realized he had many aging friends that could potentially need his help someday and simply thought it would be a good idea.

Less than six months after the training, his friends would become very grateful of the decision he had made. While hosting a Friday night dinner party, Larry noticed a close friend having trouble breathing shortly after the steak had been served.

Larry immediately got behind the man and attempted the Heimlich maneuver, but given his friend’s size at 6’3” and 260 pounds, the action proved ineffective. Larry then instructed his wife to call 911 without hesitation, a point emphasized in the training.

The operator asked if anyone knew CPR, and sure enough, Larry was the only one trained. Larry quickly moved his friend to the floor and performed 30 chest compressions followed by mouth to mouth. Despite the man’s deglazed eyes, blue lips and ears, and ashy skin tone, Larry insistently repeated the exercise over and over for seven minutes until the medics came.

The medics were then able to pull out the lodged piece of filet with forceps and give his friend much needed oxygen. After running numerous tests at the hospital in the ensuing days, the medical staff determined that Larry’s use of CPR had not only saved the man’s life but also prevented brain damage. Larry’s breaths were just enough to keep oxidized blood flowing until help arrived.

“It all happened so fast. It only felt like a couple minutes,” Schultz said. “Everything Don taught all kicked in at the right moment.”

While Larry could never have predicted the event, he surveyed his surroundings, specifically the health of his peers, and proactively prepared himself for the possible outcomes. His safety-first approach was textbook. Larry said taking the CPR class was one of the best decisions he’s made in a long time, and one that made sense.

For more information about P1 Group’s safety training, click here.

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