P1’s ESW team meets strict standards in performing critical nuclear work

With the recent nuclear crisis in Japan, the importance of proper nuclear power plant maintenance has been made more evident to the public. For P1 Group, the company has excelled in fulfilling the rigorous safety and quality control measures natural to its work at Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation.

While all nuclear work is closely monitored, the Essential Service Water system is especially vital as its function is to directly cool the reactor and prevent a possible meltdown. Its completion is also essential to the successful fueling and startup of the plant. Currently P1 Group is in charge of removing and repairing components in this system at Wolf Creek.

To ensure safety, energy and homeland defense, P1 Group is following very strict guidelines regarding everything from welding reviews to quality control hold points. For every hour of work there is approximately three hours of oversight of some form. So far P1 Group’s teams have performed up to the high expectations, giving true meaning to the company’s motto of “Safety First, Quality Always.”

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