NQA-1 Standard

In early 2012, P1 Group began the process of developing its Nuclear Quality Assurance program to meet the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) NQA-1 (Nuclear Quality Assurance – 1) standard. The ASME NQA-1 is a highly-regarded industry standard that provides requirements and guidelines during design, construction, operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities in the United States.

The NQA-1 standard requires the following criteria before a company can become NQA-1 compliant.

  1. Organization
  2. Quality Assurance Program
  3. Design Control
  4. Procurement Document Control
  5. Instructions, Procedures and Drawings
  6. Document Control
  7. Control of Purchased Material, Equipment and Services
  8. Identification and Control of Materials Parts and Services
  9. Control of Special Processes
  10. Inspection
  11. Test Control
  12. Control of Measuring and Test Equipment
  13. Handling, Storage and Shipping
  14. Inspection, Test and Operating Status
  15. Nonconforming Items
  16. Corrective Action
  17. Quality Assurance Records
  18. Audits

In 2013, P1 Group will begin the operation and auditing process to become NQA-1 compliant.