Iatan Power Plant


P1 Group Services
  • Mechanical Construction
  • Pipe Fabrication
Quick Facts
  • Welds: 2,823 up to 24” and 321 supports
  • Peak Manpower: 64
  • P1 worked 34,102 hours with zero lost time
  • Boiler Height: 320 feet
  • Iatan, Missouri

P1 Group assisted in reaching the hydro test milestone of Kansas City Power & Light’s 850-MW superheat coal burning power plant. P1 piped the flash tank at the lower level of the boiler, fabricated and installed the vent lines at the penthouse of the boiler and routed and installed boiler trim pipe from top to bottom of the boiler. In addition, P1 performed work on the steam inerting system, soot blower, spray water and station air piping. Supplemental to the work in the field, P1 fabricated pipe spools in the company’s Lawrence fabrication shop.