Hill’s Pet Nutrition


P1 Group Services
  • Piping Construction
  • Plumbing Construction
  • Sheet Metal Construction
  • Fabrication (Piping)
  • Fabrication (Sheet Metal)
Quick Facts
  • Boilers: 2
  • Exhaust Fans: 39
  • Air Rotation Units (120,000 cfm each): 3
  • RTUs: 8
  • Split System Heat Pumps: 34

P1 Group’s mechanical work at Hill’s Pet Nutrition spanned nine buildings, including a mill building, meat prep building, refrigerated storage building, mixing center, packaging facility, wastewater treatment plant, and office building. P1 performed the compressed air, natural gas, nitrogen, process and domestic water, steam and condensate lines, wastewater treatment plant piping, A/C systems, plumbing, and sanitary waste plumbing. In addition to the boilers, exhaust fans, air rotation units, RTUs and heat pumps, P1 installed four centrifugal air compressors, 44 VAVs, 30 supply fans, 27 make-up air units, four rooftop refrigeration units and three computer room air conditioning units.