Hallmark Cards – New Envelope Department

P1 Group Services
  • Building Technologies
  • Commissioning
  • Controls
  • Detailing/Coordination
  • Electrical Construction
  • Fabrication (piping)
  • Fabrication (sheet metal)
  • HVAC Construction
  • Plumbing Construction
  • Sheet Metal Construction
Quick Facts
  • (4) 42,000 cfm AHU’s
  • 2.6 miles of pipe
  • 52,000 pounds of duct work
  • 680 light fixtures

Hallmark’s Topeka, KS plant closure generated the need to relocate its envelope production to the Lawrence, KS plant. To accomplish this, P1 prepared the project budget and schedule to meet Hallmark’s capital expenditure and production needs and then fitted an existing 70,000-square-foot warehouse with a new MEP infrastructure. P1 proceeded to relocate the envelope manufacturing equipment from Topeka to Lawrence, including all MEP hookups and connections, all necessary electrical, piping and ventilation; then integrating the new MEP with existing MEP systems at the plant. Hallmark was able to begin partial operations prior to completion, after P1 acquired temporary building permits and then continued to work with the City of Lawrence for the final certificates of occupancies.