Las Vegas USPS Energy Upgrade

USPS Vegasa

P1 Group Services
  • HVAC Construction
Quick Facts
  • (13) high-efficiency motors installed
  • (13) new variable frequency drives installed
  • Replaced valve packages on 98 VAVs
  • Installed a new evaporative cooling section in existing AHU
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

P1 Group was responsible for the mechanical scope of work on this energy upgrade project. P1 Group installed new high-efficiency motors, variable frequency drives, control dampers, valve packages, rooftop units and an evaporative cooling section in the existing AHU. P1 also demonstrated its teamwork by collaborating with Siemens to upgrade to a new DDC control system. All work was completed while the facility operates on a 24-hour schedule. Following completion of the project, tests indicated P1’s upgrades now save the customer as much as 40 percent in energy savings.