Cerner World HQ & Development Center Buildings


P1 Group Services
  • Mechanical Construction
Quick Facts
  • World Headquarters: 119 plumbing fixtures
  • WH Central Plant: 2 chillers, 2 cooling towers, 5 AHUs
  • Development Center: 167 pluming fixtures
  • DC Central Plant: 3 chillers, 3 cooling towers, 4 AHUs,
  • North Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City-based Cerner Corporation is the United States’ leading healthcare information technology company. In 2004, P1 Group completed the mechanical scope of work for two of the healthcare giant’s large building projects — the world headquarters and the development center. The world headquarters consisted of a combination of open office space, a serving kitchen, a dining area and 150-seat auditorium. The development center had more office space and data center-type rooms.