Kansas City contractor raises bar on in-house training

Damon Holmes is like a lot of people at P1 Group. He is eager for training and opportunities that will make him better as an employee – and ultimately improve the industry in general. 

“Extra training makes us all more marketable to our customers and even within P1 Group,” Holmes said. “Continuing education is incredibly valuable, and once you get into that mode, you want to keep learning.”

As an electrical foreman, Holmes is eager for opportunities in his trade, but P1 Group wants to give Holmes and every employee the opportunity to succeed and advance their careers. Excellent training is crucial in that process, which is why P1 Group has developed an in-house educational system that allows associates to grow based on their chosen career path and make operations more efficient.

P1 Group’s newly established P1 University offers an array of courses in a classroom setting and through self-paced study materials. This continuing education option is designed to give P1 associates the ability to improve their specific job skills while also enhancing their career advancement opportunities.

Using a combination of experienced P1 Group employees, contracted trainers and self-paced study guides, course topics range from proposal writing to project management techniques to proper use of the company’s sophisticated project management, accounting and scheduling software.

To ensure the quality of the programs, P1 Group hired Vice President of Performance and Personnel Development Ted Davis, who spent 22 years in the U.S. Army and more than 11 years as a corporate and leadership trainer. Under Davis’ leadership, P1 University will promote performance excellence throughout P1 Group.

P1 Group’s Corporate Trainer Sarah Garcia, who spent seven years as a project manager at P1 Group, adds that by developing better employees, P1 Group becomes a better company as a whole.

“The benefit is two-fold,” Garcia said. “On one hand, we will have better associates who are more satisfied with their jobs. And obviously because of that, this organization becomes more efficient, and the quality of work improves.”

Not every company has the resources or forethought to establish a program like this, Garcia said.

“P1 University is an innovative approach to making the company better,” she said. “It takes a big investment and commitment from your leaders, but when you can see the potential it has to empower an organization, you can’t help but be excited about it. It makes you proud to be a part of a company that’s willing to go the extra mile.”

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