JE Dunn recognizes P1’s Contributions to the Command and General Staff College

P1 Group recently helped JE Dunn Construction with the Command and General Staff College upgrades in Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. P1 Group evaluated the buildings Make-Up Air Systems and performed the following work:

  • Addition of System Volume Tanks
  • Replacement of System Pumps and addition of VFD’s
  • Replacement of MAU cooling coils and control valves
  • Writing and implementing new control sequence
  • Pre-Commissioning of MAU systems
  • Repair and maintenance of 23 Water-to-Water Heat pumps
  • Five- year maintenance and warranty service contract on the Water-to-Water Heat pumps

JE Dunn Senior Project Engineer Donny Tennyson recognized P1 Group’s overall contributions with this letter:

On behalf of JE Dunn Construction, I would personally like to thank you and your entire staff at P1 Group for your contributions to the Command & General Staff College Mechanical Upgrades.

As you know, this project has been complex in regards to the fact that it is an operating facility, with a large number of pre-existing issues and many individuals within the Government who have interests in its successful completion.

Your teams’ continued efforts have contributed greatly to the overall success of this job. In particular, your ability to staff the job as needed has done a great deal in maintaining the project schedule. Your crews’ constant communication with JE Dunn has also allowed us additional time to present new issues to the Government, and find solutions to them faster. Your coordination with the other contractors also provided great value in that many issues were able to be resolved without the involvement of the owner.

I thank you and the rest of your staff for your hard work, and I truly hope that we may have the opportunity for similar success on future projects.


Donny Tennyson
Senior Project Engineer