Plumbing Fabrication

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P1 Group delivers consistent, high-quality fabricated assemblies that enable clients to meet even the most demanding construction schedules. At its plumbing fabrication shops in Lawrence and Lenexa, P1 uses state-of-the-art tools, equipment and procedures.

From Auto-CAD 3D modeling to pipe cutting, welding and grooving, the expert staff at P1 is equipped with a total of 35,000 sq. ft. of operating space and six acres of storage space.  This provides P1 with the ability to complete small to large scale projects with utmost quality and efficiency.


  • Waste, vent and domestic water wall rough-ins
  • Precut underground piping
  • Medical gas wall rough-ins
  • Finish trim for lavatories and sinks
  • Water meter pit piping
  • Lead roof flashings
  • Floor and wall sleeves
  • Wall brackets and stands
  • Hanger and support assemblies

Each assembly is pre-planned and staged so delivery can be coordinated with on-site contractors. Pre-scheduled production time results in on-time deliveries, fewer man hours and decreased installation time.