Expert P1 Group service technician requested in South Korea

GUNSAN, South Korea – Randy Presley, P1 Group Technical Support Supervisor, will do whatever it takes to help a customer, even if it means traveling nearly 30,000 miles.

Presley’s journey first began in late 2009 when Kansas City-based P1 Group was contacted by TolTest, a worldwide construction management firm, just one week before Christmas. TolTest was working on a project at Kunsan Air Base, located approximately 150 miles south of Seoul, South Korea, and needed an expert technician to get their boilers properly running in a hurry before the temperature got any colder.

Despite the holidays fast-approaching, Presley stepped up to the challenge. Thirty hours later and more than 7,000 miles away from where he started, Presley finally arrived at his destination, a foreign country where his native English was not commonly shared by his new peers.

Presley spent the next two days onsite troubleshooting two 2.5 million BTU boilers at the air base’s five-story visitors’ quarters (VQ). Even though the manufacturer of the boilers offered only limited support, Presley successfully made them operational in a very short time.

Relying on a lot of sketching and other nonverbal communication, Presley also instructed and trained the Korean workers that were onsite.

“The language barrier was definitely a challenge,” Presley said. “I also had to adapt to the seniority-focused culture. Often I would suggest something to them, and even if they didn’t understand, they would go along and agree because they didn’t want to let me down being that I was their elder.”

During his stay, Presley also reviewed the controls and balance systems. It was Presley’s well-analyzed report that prompted TolTest to invite the P1 Group technician back at a later date.

From late February through early March, Presley returned to Kunsan Air Base for another 13 days onsite. This time Presley performed light commissioning on the building. Using his years of experience, he helped identify deficiencies and direct a team to correct the issues and get the building operational to sell to the government.

“This call has sure given me a new perspective,” Presley said. “I feel like we can handle anything.”

Whatever the job, its scope or complexity, P1 Group’s skilled team of friendly and determined service technicians will get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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