Customer satisfaction generates additional mechanical and electrical work

WHEATLAND, Wyo. – In 2012, P1 Group was awarded a contract by Emerson Process Management to perform the mechanical and electrical work for the upgrade to the Unit 1 Main Turbine, Boiler Feed Pumps and High Pressure Unit at Laramie River Power Station, which is part of the Basin Electric Power Cooperative (click here to view original project announcement).

In addition to Unit 1, P1 is currently performing identical work on Unit 2. P1 began this work on February 15, 2013 and expects to complete it April 21.  

Building off the success of the Laramie River Power Station projects, Emerson awarded P1 with two additional projects.

Neal Station

SERGEANT BLUFF, Iowa – P1 Group has won the electrical and mechanical work for the Unit 4 Main Turbine upgrade project at Neal Station, which is owned and operated by MidAmerican Energy.

P1 Group will begin work during the Fall 2013 outage.

Scope of Work:

  • Demo of Existing Boiler Feed Pump Turbine (BFPT) Mechanical Equipment
  • Install New Servo Solenoid Valve
  • Install New Manifolds
  • Install Speed Sensing Assembly
  • New Filter Assemblies
  • Demo of Existing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Controller Cabinets
  • Install New Ovation Control Cabinets
  • Install New Ovation Over Speed Cabinet

Pirkey Power Plant

HALLSVILLE, Texas – P1 Group has won the mechanical work for the Unit 1 Main Turbine mechanical retrofit project at Pirkey Power Plant, which is owned by American Electric Power.

P1 Group will begin work during the Fall 2013 outage.

Scope of Work:

  • Demo of Existing Main Mechanical Equipment
  • Install New EH Fluid Supply System
  • Install New Hydraulic Control System
  • Install New Turbine Generator Lubrication System
  • New OEM Steam Turbine Valves

Congratulations to the following associates who were integral in securing this work for P1 Group:

  • Mark Grothaus, Senior Project Manager
  • Larry Schultz, Project Manager