Performance Contracting

Performance contracting is a simple idea that offers tremendous benefits to you as an owner or facility manager by allowing you to make improvements to your existing facility without increasing your expenses. So, while the value of your assets increase, your spending does not.

This is accomplished by identifying opportunities to make improvements that will reduce the amount of money you spend on energy. Those savings will pay for the cost of the improvements 100% – and P1 Group will guarantee that. If the savings don’t meet those expectations, P1 Group will pay the difference.


It’s worth repeating that P1 Group will guarantee that the savings you realize on your energy bills will 100% pay for the investment made over a designated period of time. P1 Group is able to do this because we have experts in the field and the confidence that our experts will be right. Quite simply, our energy solutions professionals have proven their ability to do this for our customers.

In order to make that guarantee, P1 Group starts with a thorough analysis of your facility. Energy benchmarks and audits are completed, and then an engineered solution is established that fits your needs. After an owner agrees to a proposal, we enter into a long-term contract to ensure savings are met.

P1 Group has helped identify many different types of building improvements for customers. New installations could include boilers, chillers, lighting and controls – all funded through existing budgets.