Energy Audits

While an energy benchmark can tell you how your facility compares to similar buildings, an energy audit is a much more detailed analysis that will identify and develop modifications that will reduce energy use and/or cost of operating the building. Most owners who do audits have a goal to then implement the modifications; however, some owners partner with P1 Group solely for master planning purposes.

Because owners have different goals, P1 Group has adopted a three-level auditing system* that allows you to choose an audit that fits your needs.


  • Rapid assessment of building energy systems
  • Building energy benchmark
  • High-level definition of energy system optimization opportunities outline applicable incentive programs


  • Detailed building survey of systems and operations
  • Breakdown of energy source and end use
  • Identification of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) for each energy system
  • Range of savings and costs for the ECMs
  • Spotlight on Operational Discrepancies


  • Longer term data collection and analysis
  • Whole-building computer simulation calibrated with field data
  • Accurate modeling of ECMs and power/energy response
  • Bid-level construction cost estimating
  • Investment-grade, decision-making support

* P1 Group’s three levels are based off those established by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)